Voted North Coast’s Premier Day Spa

Our mission is to provide a tranquil, relaxing atmosphere where one can nurture their body, mind & spirit using a variety of therapeautic treatments.

Location Address:
1215 Duane Street
Astoria, Oregon 97103

Hours of Operation:
We are open 7 days a week!
Monday – Sunday
10 am – 6 pm
Early & late appointments available upon request.

Courtesy Policy

We ask that you do not bring children with you to any appointment so that you may be nurtured without interruption.

Quiet please! To provide a tranquil, relaxing atmosphere for you and others, we ask that you turn off cell phones and pagers during your appointment(s).

Credit Card numbers will be taken to hold all appointments. 24 hours cancellation notice is required for all appointments. Failure to do so will result in a 50% charge to your credit card for services scheduled.


Swedish Massage – $70 1 hour / $105 1½ hours
This massage is a soothing therapeutic treatment done with hand to skin contact, utilizing a number of relaxing techniques.

Deep Tissue Therapy – $80 1 hour  / $115 1½ hours
This type of therapy utilizes deep pressure point release, combined with firm Swedish techniques to reduce adhesions in the deep muscle tissue. Great for structural rehabilitation.

Polarity Therapy – $70 1 hour  / $105 1½ hours
Polarity is a light touch form of bodywork used to bring one’s energetic field back into balance. It is soothing and relaxing. It has been helpful in conditions varying from anxiety, insomnia, tension, migraine headaches, chronic pain to emotional/physical trauma release. The treatment is done fully clothed, or can be integrated in with another type of massage.

Craniosacral Therapy –$70 1 hour / $1051½ hours
Using light touch, the therapist monitors the rhythms of the Craniosacral system for potential restrictions and imbalances, which could be cause to a number of ailments. The therapist gently manipulates the tissue to release undo pressure on the brain and spinal cord. It helps with a number of conditions including: headaches and migraines, chronic neck pain and back pain, motor coordination problems, tension, brain and spinal cord injuries, chronic fatigue, temporomandibular joint syndromes, post-traumatic stress disorder and many more.

Reflexology – $50 30 minutes
A complete massage of feet and ankles. Using ancient Japanese reflex techniques, the therapist stimulates various areas of the feet to release blockages. This allows the body to heal in a natural way.


Aromatherapy – $5
An aesthetic healing art using your choice of essential oils extracted from various parts of plants, flowers, herbs, and trees to suit your needs.

Hot Stones – $10
Your muscles will melt like butter when your therapist glides these hot stones over your body. Some stones will be utilized as tools, while others will rest still on various areas of your body.

Japanese Geisha Tub

One Bather- $25 30 minutes
Two Bathers – $30 30 minutes
A deep plunge soaker tub with full spectrum colored light therapy and an air injection hydro-massage system that eases and relieves all-over muscular tension. Enhance the therapeutic benefits by adding one of the following:

Aromatherapy Mineral Bath – Choose from a variety of essential oil blends to relax, remineralize and unwind your body.

Algae Bath – Energy balancing remineralizing bath rich in nutrients from the sea. A buffet of minerals for the body and skin.

Mud Therapy Bath – Detoxifying mud bath treatment gently exfoliates to leave your skin healthy and smooth.

Sea Kelp Soak – Nutrient-rich wild seaweeds blended with Pacific sea salt and marine minerals aid in cellular absorption and exfoliation, relaxing your body and leaving your skin feeling silky smooth.

Cedarwood Sauna – $15 30 minutes, $25 1 hour
A great way to open your pores – detoxifying through perspiration, ridding the body of impurities. Choose an aromatherapy upgrade to increase the therapeutic benefits.


Mineral Salt Glow with Vichy Rain Shower –$80 1 hour
Customized salt scrub to suit your body’s personal needs. Our therapist will gently exfoliate away your dead skin cells, leaving your skin smooth and fresh. Next your entire body is rinsed under an invigorating Vichy rain shower, followed by an application of protective, moisture balancing lotion.

Dry Room Mineral Salt Glow – $70 1 hour

Algae Body Wrap with Vichy Rain Shower – $90 1 hour
Slimming, detoxifying treatment begins with a gentle body brushing to exfoliate the skin of dead surface cells. Then a nutrient rich layer of algae is applied to your body. Next, you’ll be wrapped in blankets to absorb all of the great sea minerals. To finish, your therapist will rinse you under the Vichy shower followed by an application of mineral rich lotion.

Herbology Body Treatment –$100 1 hour
Potent, regenerative treatment based on herbology, the ancient science of healing with herbs. First your body is lightly massaged with warm citrus oil, followed by an exfoliating body polish with granulated Chinese herbs. Next, you are cocooned in thermal blankets to penetrate the therapeutic granules. While your skin is being softened in the wrap, you will receive a relaxing neck and scalp massage. After being misted with aromatherapy water, we will apply our BioElements Extremely Emollient Body Cream.

Refreshing Moor Mud Treatment with Vichy Shower – $90 1 hour
Exfoliating, detoxifying treatment will smooth and nourish your body as you are covered in warm Austrian Moor Mud. You’ll be wrapped in thermal blankets so the mixture can penetrate into the skin unleashing powerful plant chemicals that stimulate your metabolism as you rest. Next, is the 9-head Vichy shower, followed by an application of moisturizing body cream.

BioElements Hair Mask & Scalp Treatment – $25
(add-on to wet room therapies only)
Designed to deep condition your scalp and revitalize your hair, this intensely emollient treatment is customized specifically for you.

Hand & Foot Treatment – $60                                                                                                    Hand and foot treatment begins with jetted foot soak. Exfoliation of hands and feet, paraffin hand dip and marine foot wrap.

Spa Manicure –$40

Spa Pedicure – $50  1 hour



Eye Area Rescue Mask – $15

Lip Conditioning – $15

Waxing Available – Prices Vary




Customized Corrective facial Treatment – $70 1 hour
Designed for your exact skin type. This facial begins with a professional Woods Lamp skin assessment. You will experience deep pore cleansing and thorough exfoliation under steam, followed by a relaxing massage of the face, neck and shoulders, and a therapeutic serum mask. To finish, a custom blended moisturizer is applied leaving you refreshed, hydrated and glowing.

Complete Makeover – $110 Allow 2 hours
Customized Corrective Facial Treatment, plus a professional makeup artist will teach you to create the look that best fits your desires.

5-Phase Herbology Facial Treatment – $110 1 ½ hours
Combines rejuvenating effects of natural Chinese herbs with soothing warm paraffin. Applied to the skin in five layers for maximum hydration. Includes a custom blended BioElements serum of natural plant extracts, cremetherapy, restorative clay masks and pure Chinese herbs. Topped off with warm paraffin to enhance penetration.

Miracle Wave Micro Current Facial -$70 Allow 1 hour
The alternative to non-surgical skin care technology to combat the aging process by way of assisting the body’s natural healing ability. The results: Reduces wrinkles, lifts and tightens flabby, sagging skin on the face and adds glow. Reduces pore sizes and gives cleaner, smoother texture of the skin. Promotes healthier looking hair. Reduces minor aches and pains. Add on to any other facial – $50

Acne Corrective Facial – $75 1 hour
Power packed with highly effective acne-fighting ingredients.

Pumice Peel -$80 1 hour
A unique manual microdermabrasion treatment for clients who have allergies to machine crystals or want the skin smoothing and rejuvenating effects of professional microdermabrasion, but wish to avoid machine treatments. Removes superficial dead cells of the top layer of the epidermis. Fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, skin discolorations, and scars are diminished. Plus an increase in production of new, healthier and younger cells occurs which accelerates the cell turnover rate and stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin within the skin.

Double Surface Peel – $85 1 ¼ hours
Smoothing, retexturing and brightening the skin via surface peeling.

Triple Peel – $95 1 ½ hours
The most powerful surface peel. Triggers the skins self-healing, self-repairing ability. Skin will be stronger and act younger.

Oxygenation Fresh Air Facial – $110 1 ½ hours
Intensive treatment to infuse the skin with life giving oxygen molecules, antioxidants and other active ingredients. Reduces the capillary redness, leaves skin feeling soft and smooth with younger and healthier glow.

Alpha-Blended Exfoliant Treatment – $25 Upgrade any facial
Super exfoliating fruit acid treatment that removes dulling surface cells giving skin a fresh revitalized appearance.

Pure, Native Collagen Fiber Masks – $50 upgrade to any facial treatment
Collagen Fiber Masks take on the form of a transparent second skin when applied.  Their outstanding hydration properties benefit dry, sensitive, irritation-prone and mature skin.  Regular use helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles, calms and soothes irritation, and leaves the skin feeling supple, softer, and younger.

Pure Collagen Fiber Mask – Fragrance-free and preservative-free for all skin types.

Caviar Extract Collagen Fiber Mask – Mature, oily, dehydrated skin

Ginko Biloba Collagen Fiber Mask – Couperose rosacea, dry, and mature skin

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Crime Stats. Increase in sexual offences as murders drop to lowest level in around 20

Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Dad and son who drowned right after taking shortcut to be buried this working week

Watch. Owners shock as Casper the cat’s week out ends in rescue from River Liffey